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Indiana Moves Closer to Repealing E-Liquid Regulations

House votes to scrap super-restrictive security requirements, but would keep some rules for manufacturers

The House has voted to roll back regulations on vape manufacturers -- but not all the way.

A 2015 law which took effect last year imposes strict requirements on the manufacture of the liquids used in e-cigarettes, including a "clean room" with 24/7 video surveillance. Those requirements were not only costly, but written so narrowly that a Lafayette company was the only one qualified to certify manufacturers as in compliance. That was unusual enough to prompt questions from the F-B-I.

Both the House and Senate have voted to repeal those rules as excessive, but the House isn't letting go of security rules completely. Its version still calls for labeling and packaging requirements, and limits marketing to minors. The Senate will have to decide whether to accept those changes.

Evansville Representative Ryan Hatfield says an Evansville e-liquid maker moved 10 jobs and its manufacturing operation across the border to Kentucky, and would have moved the rest if legislators hadn't made clear their intention to rethink the bill.

The House approved the changes 91-4. Hartford City Representative Kevin Mahan, who authored the original law, supported the bill, but says the stricter version was the right thing to do to protect Hoosiers' safety. He says the federal government had done nothing to regulate e-liquids at that time, and still hasn't gone far enough.

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