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The Indiana Movie Industry That Could Be

JB Rogers, co-producer of "Green Book", on what state lawmakers could do to make more movies happen here.

INDIANAPOLIS--Indiana could have a film industry, if state lawmakers would make it easier for movie companies to come here. That message comes from J.B. Rogers, co-producer of "Green Book", winner for Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

"It's like you've got how much film work in Indiana right now? Zero, right? So, if you want to start that industry at all, you're gonna have to jump start it," said Rogers, who's from Indianapolis, and was a guest on Tony Katz Today.

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"Now you can make a decision not to have that industry. A lot of states have done that," said Rogers.

Essentially Indiana has made that decision, with a lack of a law that would allow the state to offer tax breaks to movie companies. Those tax breaks would make it cheaper for film companies to bring in their crews for big location productions.

"There are states like Georgia, Louisiana and New Mexico that have decided hey, we want a piece of that industry and we're willing to subsidize that industry at some level to get them to come here."

Rogers pointed out that there are more movies made in Georgia now than in Hollywood.

"If you offer an incentive, producers will chase that incentive. Now, it's gonna take time."

Rogers said Michigan at one point offered the tax breaks, and then stopped before the industry could get going good.

"It's one of those things you have to spin the wheel up the hill long enough that when it comes down the other side everybody starts making money," he said.

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