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Indiana Sens Introduce Resolution for "National Ernie Pyle Day"

The famous war correspondent was also an Indiana native. "National Ernie Pyle Day" would fall on what would have been Pyle's 118th birthday.

INDIANAPOLIS -- "National Ernie Pyle Day" wasn't a special holiday this year, but it could be next year.

Senators Joe Donnelly and Todd Young have week introduced a resolution to honor the Hoosier journalist and war correspondent on what would have been his 118th birthday: Friday, August 3, 2018.

“Ernie Pyle’s renowned career reporting throughout Indiana and World War II demonstrates the work ethic of Hoosiers and the dedication of Americans in commemorating our soldiers,” said Sen. Young. “By designating National Ernie Pyle Day, his important contributions to our state and nation will be honored.”

“Ernie Pyle—a Hoosier native from Dana, Indiana —forever influenced American journalism. His reporting from the battlefield in World War II captured the daily sacrifice and heroism of our servicemembers fighting in the war," said Sen. Donnelly. 

Pyle studied journalism at Indiana University and later gained nationwide acclaim for his work as a roving reporter and columnist. 

When the United States joined World War II, Pyle became a war correspondent. Instead of simply names, places, and numbers, Pyle often wrote from the more intimate perspective of a common soldier. In 1944, he won the Pulitzer Prize for Correspondence for "The God-Damned Infantry".

On April 18, 1945, Pyle was killed while reporting on the Battle of Okinawa. He had come ashore just one day earlier with the members of the Army's 77th Division.

Pyle was posthumously awarded the Purple Heart in 1983, a rare honor for a civilian.

He is buried at National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific in Honolulu.

(Photo by PhotoQuest/Getty Images.)

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