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Indiana State University Gears Efforts Away From Traditional Freshmen

ISU President Deborah Curtis says the school will not "lift the accelerator" on traditional freshman, but will work more to help those get a certification or master's degree

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. -- You may be seeing a change in direction at Indiana State University.

New ISU President Deborah Curtis says they plan to launch a new set of opportunities geared towards attracting different types of potential students other that traditional freshman. 

With traditional freshman numbers on the decline all across the United States Dr. Curtis is taking the approach of not fighting the trend but rather evolving with it. 

"We aren't going to lift up on the accelerator on those first time, full time freshman out there," Curtis told Inside Indiana Business. "But you may see in the future that many of Indiana State University's students are not those who are coming to live in the dorms, but rather those working professionals out there."

Curtis refers to those who are already in the work force are looking to get some kind of extra education which they can use to further their career, such as a 12-to-15 hour certificate. They will also be pushing for more people who are graduates to get a Master's Degree.

Indiana State University has been one of the outliers in the declining number of high school graduates immediately going to college afterwards. Thanks to tens of millions of dollars in renovations and expansion projects under Curtis' predecessor Dr. Dan Bradley, ISU has seen an additional 3,000 students attend the university in the last decade. 

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