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Indiana University Hires First Ever Privacy Officer

Peter Sand is tasked with making sure Indiana University is using personal information of students, staff, and faculty correctly.

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Indiana University has hired a privacy officer, the first of it's kind of position in the history of the school. 

Peter Sand is now in charge of overseeing the private information of students, staff, and faculty at IU, while making sure that that private information is used in the right way.

"Privacy is still kind of new," Sand said. "We as a field are trying to separate parts of it so we can focus on the particulars." 

Sand said his main job is to fill in the gaps between departments at the school that have already been dealing with private information in the past.

"It's the primary role of overseeing information about people," Sand explained. "Basically looking at how the university uses personal information and making sure they are using it correctly."

Sand is also tasked with working with the school's police department to make sure any personal information the university has on file is secure. 

"As an oversight role, in theory, I should have access to everything so I can make sure everything is being done right," Sand said.

But, actually it is not that simple.

"One of the primary principles in privacy is using only the information you need for only the reason you need it."

He also says a big part of privacy is awareness and it will be his job to make sure everyone affiliated with the school is aware of how their private information is being used. Sand will also work with those people to make sure they do everything they can on their end to secure their personal information.


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