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Indianapolis Colts To Install Solar Panels At Practice Facility

The solar panels are expected to be installed and ready for use in the upcoming months.

INDIANAPOLIS -- While the team is putting in work inside their practice facility, the Colts are also working on the outside of the building.

The organization has announced they are installing solar panels at the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center. The Colts are teaming up with POWERHOME Solar, to improve the facility's energy use and lower energy costs. POWERHOME Solar has worked with four other NFL teams in the past.

"In addition to making our facility 'greener,' operating in a sustainable manner by using technology such as solar panels makes good business sense," said Pete Ward, Colts chief operating officer. "Facilities that are more environmentally focused become more financially sound."

The Colts say the new solar panels will be functional in the next few months. 

(Photo courtesy of Indianapolis Colts)

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