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Indianapolis Democrats Back Vop Osili To Replace Stephen Clay

Osili has been on the City-County Council since 2011. Council members could vote remove Stephen Clay as President in tonight's meeting.

INDIANAPOLIS -- Ahead of Monday night's possible vote to remove City-County Council President Stephen Clay, council Democrats say they will support Vop Osili to be the next president.

Osili has been on the City-County Council since 2011. 

Councilors say there is a procedural move that will make the vote possible, despite the agenda. On Friday, Clay replaced a vote to determine whether he would remain president with a proposal to move the vote to the Ethics Committee.

Councilman Joseph Simpson made a motion at the Jan. 29 council meeting to remove Clay as president. The motion passed in a second vote, with 13 council members voting in favor and 10 abstaining.

Those who voted in favor say they rejected the "political gamesmanship" of the council president.

Clay, a Democrat, won the council presidency thanks to the support of nine Republicans who crossed party lines to vote for him over incumbent president Maggie Lewis. Clay returned the favor by awarding the council’s minority party with the chairs of three committees: public works, ethics, and rules & public policy.

In the meantime, Clay fired the clerk and the general counsel of the city-county council. He called the firings "transitional" and said they were already in the works.

Eight Indianapolis City-County councilors filed a lawsuit last Thursday against Clay, saying Clay's firing of the clerk and attorney for the council was "illegal, unauthorized and autocratic." A partial settlement in that lawsuit was reached Friday. Both sides agreed to allow a third party to come in and act as attorney for Monday night's council meeting. 


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