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Indiana's Next High-Tech Hiring Pool: Prisons

State will launch computer coding classes in 2018 for inmates nearing release

INDIANAPOLIS - Indiana hopes to fill its high-tech job openings by turning to an unlikely source: its prisons.

Indiana will launch the "Last Mile" program in 2018, taking inmates who have behaved in prison for several years, and training them to write computer code. Governor Holcomb says Indiana will be the first to copy a California program which began three years ago -- CNBC says it's graduated about 20 inmates. He says it's a chance to simultaneously help inmates contribute to society, help companies find workers with the tech skills they need, and reduce the three-quarters of a billion dollars Indiana spends on prisons.

The program will be available to inmates who have a years-long record of good behavior and are nearing release. The theory is helping them get not just a job but a good job will keep them from going back behind bars. Holcomb says instead of parolees falling back into old relationships and old habits, success stories from the program can help others glimpse a better life and turn their lives around.

Learn more about what The Last Mile program in California does, and how it helps inmates prepare for life outside prison walls, here

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