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Indy Celebrates "Transformative" Infosys Training Center Plan

Pence, labor secretary join state officials for announcement of 1,000 new jobs

(INDIANAPOLIS) - A new national training center for tech-services giant Infosys is being hailed as “transformative” — for reasons beyond the thousand new jobs it’ll bring.

Indianapolis will train 10-thousand workers for four planned U-S "innovation hubs," including one in Indianapolis. The announcement of that hub last year came with a commitment of two-thousand jobs.

CEO Ravi Kumar says when the India-based company decided to establish a U.S. presence, he knew the next step would be a training center similar to one it operates in the Indian city of Mysore, to build its own workforce from new college graduates. He says Indiana's strong core of universities made Indy an attractive site.

Governor Holcomb calls the training center a "force multiplier." He says it not only creates jobs at the center itself, but gives the state a chance to market itself and its opportunities to Infosys trainees, and other companies doing business with the company.

Vice President Pence returned to his home state to congratulate his successor, and, along with Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta, claim partial credit for President Trump's economic agenda. He says December's tax reform and a steady focus on deregulation have encouraged investments in the U.S. Kumar says the U.S. expansion was prompted by a need to put workers closer to the company's clients.

Infosys will build the $35 million training center on the former site of Indianapolis International Airport, next door to the current airport. It's expected to open at the end of 2020.

(Photo: Eric Berman/WIBC)

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