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Indy Doctor Logging Gender Reassignment Patients

Number of Cases Rising

(image courtesy of Vanity Fair)

An Indianapolis-based plastic surgeon says there's no shortage of patients opting for gender transformation surgery.  

Dr. Greg Chernoff says at any given time, he has at least a dozen patients ultimately seeking gender reassignment procedures.  He's been in business for more than 20 years and says about 75% of his patients are men becoming women.  

Chernoff says Bruce Jenner's sexual reassignment is fairly typical of the process.  He says Jenner will ultimately be a role model for those who've been struggling with gender identity for their entire lives.  Chernoff says many of his patients, like Jenner, face being ostracized from family members and society in general.  

Sexual reassignment surgery is a major commitment.  Dr. Chernoff says the entire process can cost several hundred thousand dollars.  He says an increasing number of employers are paying some of the costs. Chernoff says his patients are everyday people like factory workers.  

He specializes in the initial head-to-toe feminization or masculinization surgeries, but doesn't perform actual sexual reassignment procedures.  His specialties include cheek implants, sculpting jawbones, brow lifts, forehead reductions, face and neck lifts, breast implants and overall body sculpting.  


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