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Indy Firefighter Charged With Strangling, Beating Woman in Rush Co.

Woman says the abuse included beatings and even pushing her into a hog pen.

RUSH COUNTY, Ind. -- An Indianapolis firefighter has been arrested in Rush County and charged with strangling and beating a woman in front of a young child several times. 

Landon Colip was arrested Friday after an interview with deputies in Rush County. 

According to city records, Colip has been employed with IFD since July 2007 when the Warren Township Fire Department merged with IFD, reported RTV6. 

The victim told detectives the first incident was on November 12, when she was building a fence for two bulls on a farm Colip and he got angry and "smacked her head" so hard that she hit the fence post. She said later that same day Colip pushed her to the ground and began "striking her in the head" with an open hand. 

During another incident a month later, the victim told police that she was shoved roughly multiple times by Colip. She says he also pulled her up by her hair after she fell in the hog barn and struck her head. The victim provided video evidence of this encounter to police, as detailed in the report. 

During two other incidents in January, the victim claims Colip got angry, once because she didn't pick up his prescriptions, and pushed her back against a counter and started strangling her as he said "nighty night."

Colip is charged with strangulation, domestic battery and intimidation. 

According to Indianapolis Fire Chief Ernest Malone, Colip has been suspended without pay for 30 days. He will then be placed in an administrative position until the outcome of his case has been decided.

Chief Malone says Colip won't be allowed at IFD stations, "nor will he be responding on runs and/or rendering aid in the community."


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