Indy Man Abandoned At Six Flags Comes Home To Vandalized Apartment


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Indy Man Abandoned At Six Flags Comes Home To Vandalized Apartment

His ex had taken most of his belongings, including his dog, and carved a message into his couch with a butcher knife.

INDIANAPOLIS -– An Indianapolis man is living in fear after he was abandoned by his partner in another state.

Nick Beaver said nothing could have prepared him for what he saw when he came home.

Beaver was at Six Flags St. Louis with his boyfriend before he was left alone with no keys, no wallet and no way home.

“We got into a minor little argument that escalated to where he was physically abusive,” Beaver said.

He said his boyfriend left and headed back to Indiana without him. It took Beaver two days to find a way home after a stranger offered him a place to stay and help to get a ticket back to Indy.

“It was terrifying. I didn’t know what to do. I felt completely helpless,” Beaver said. “I called my apartment building. They were able to come upstairs. My dog was gone. The apartment was vandalized, trashed. Most of my belongings had been stolen.”

He checked the security footage. The video showed three people carrying bags and furniture out of the apartment. They also took his dog. Beaver said he recognizes everyone in the video.

“There is, like, a threat on my couch essentially with his initials carved into my furniture and a butcher knife shoved into my kitchen table,” he said.

The message “It’s over-xo, RL” was carved into his couch.

Beaver’s boyfriend has not been back to the apartment, but Beaver said his now ex-boyfriend is still reaching out to him.

“I received, like, threatening text messages from him since then,” Beaver said. “Well, the first thing he actually said via text was that Seahawk, my dog, was in a better place now and I will never see him again, and my first reaction is that he is dead.”

Out of all the things that are gone, Beaver said, he’s just concerned with one thing: ”The most important thing for me right now is I just want my dog back. He is my legal emotional support animal. This dog means the world to me.”

Police said Friday they are not releasing any suspect information yet since this is an active investigation.

Anyone with information on where the dog or the suspects may be is encouraged to call police.

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