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Indy Software Firm Will Add Up to 100 Jobs

Lessonly makes training software for sales and customer service

(INDIANAPOLIS) - An Indianapolis software firm is more than doubling its workforce.

Lessonly will add up to 102 workers over the next three years. The designer of sales and customer-service training modules has grown steadily since getting started five years ago, and now has 83 workers serving 500 corporate clients.

Co-founder Max Yoder says the customizable software makes it possible for even smaller businesses to have access to training resources. And he says the programs are built so they can be easily updated as prices change or new products hit the market.

Lessonly's headquarters east of downtown Indy is the former Vonnegut School Number 9, designed by architect Clemens Vonnegut, the great-grandfather of author Kurt Vonnegut. Yoder says Lessonly will expand there for now, but may need a larger space soon. The company says it would like to find another school building, to maintain the link between its teaching software and surroundings that reinforce that mission.

Governor Holcomb says the announcement is a step toward Indiana's goal of establishing itself as a Midwestern tech hub. He says every tech firm which locates here helps build an "ecosystem" that will encourage others to follow.

(Photo: Eric Berman/WIBC)

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