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InfoSys Will Train People From All Over the Country

That means more exposure to Indy's tech environment, which could mean more companies locate here.

INDIANAPOLIS--When InfoSys opens its campus at the old Indianapolis airport in about one year, you'll have a chance to be one of three thousand people who will eventually work there. But, even if you don't benefit that way, you'll still see the benefit of more people from across the country being shown the city.

"It's not just about employing Hoosiers, which about 40 percent of that figure actually comes from native Hoosiers, born and raised here," said Rick Cardwell, vice president of Infosys, for the Midwest, talking to Inside Indiana Business.

He said the new training center will be where people from all over the country come to train.

"It will be a state of the art campus. It will be a collegiate look and feel."

Cardwell said that the balance of the people who will work at the center will be from over 35 states and 100 universities. InfoSys will recruit nationally, and will develop talent in Indy, as well as training their workforce here. Cardwell said that right now, their training is decentralized, but once it all moves to Indy, the company will also allow its clients to use the new center to train their own employees, even further increasing the exposure to Indianapolis and Indiana.

"So when you think about the buzzwords in technology of cloud, analytics, mobile, social and security, we're really doubling down our efforts in terms of education for cyber defense," he said. "That becomes an incredibly hot button topic for a lot of our clients, not just here but globally, as well."

He said their partnership with Purdue has involved training their employees to help their clients with their cybher defense efforts.

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