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IPL 500 Festival Parade Announces Theme for This Year

Leaders with IPL and the Festival are very excited about this year's theme.

INDIANAPOLIS--The theme for the 2018 500 Indianapolis Power and Light (IPL) Festival Parade has been announced. It's, "Illluminate. Innovate. Indianapolis." 

"The 2018 theme for the IPL 500 Festival Parade is very meaningful, not just for the mission of the 500 Festival and IPL, but for this entire city and its celebration of May,” said Bob Bryant, president and CEO of the 500 Festival.

“Not only does our title sponsor IPL illuminate Indy every single day – and as a sponsor since the very first Parade in 1957 – but together we can highlight Indy’s commitment to innovation through this year’s celebration. It’s sure to be a spectacular occasion as we put Indy center stage and light it up for the world to take notice.”  

“We are incredibly excited about the theme for the 2018 IPL 500 Festival Parade,” said Rafael Sanchez, IPL President and CEO. “At IPL, we’ve leveraged opportunities to create new solutions for our customers through a number of sustainability, innovation and community involvement initiatives so this year’s theme is a home run. The idea of illuminating Indianapolis makes this celebration very special for us, and we can’t wait to help power the parade for the 62nd time.” 

The 2018 theme was inspired by two very important goals and trends for the 500 Festival, the state of Indiana and the city of Indianapolis. 

The first is “illuminate.” As an organization, the 500 Festival’s mission is to enrich and impact lives through its events and programs. Illuminating that impact starts with highlighting the many different ways Indianapolis and the rest of the state can rally together to enrich lives through celebration, civic pride, our racing spirit, and the timeless tradition of celebrating heroes on Memorial Day Weekend. 

The second is “innovate.” The 500 Festival, the city of Indianapolis, and a number of community partners and civic leaders have all seen, felt, and experienced a trend of innovation and technology. Leaders feel that Indianapolis has become a top-tier destination in the technology industry and continues to advance the possibilities of a mid-sized city to attain an international and global presence. 

This year's parade will take place Saturday, May 26, with Parade festivities starting at 11:45 am. Tickets for the IPL 500 Festival Parade will be available in spring 2018.

Each year, more than half a million people participate in the 500 Festival’s programs and events. 

(PHOTO: Courtesy of the 500 Festival) 

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