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Islamic Center in Plainfield: "Thank You" To Vandals

Police search for three vandals caught on surveillance video at ISNA national headquarters

The Islamic Society of North America has just one message for the teenagers that vandalized their building on Sunday--Thank You.

The group held a press conference this morning to talk about the racially motivated epithets that were spray painted onto their headquarters in Plainfield. That "Thank you" was expressed in several different ways by representatives of the Mosque--in the press conference they thanked the vandals for "reminding us that for every negative there is a positive".

Leaders from the mosque say since the incident was first reported they have received an outpouring of support from around the community from all different faiths. Members of the other local faith organizations were at the meeting to support the mosque.

The FBI is going to investigate the matter, and there is surveillance footage of the crime taking place. ISNA Spokesperson Hazem Bata had one final message for the vandals before turning over the press conference--the next time they drive all the way out to a mosque instead of vandalizing by the front door--just try knocking. 

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