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ISP Says Number Of Meth Lab Busts Continues To Drop In Indiana

ISP Capt. Dave Bursten says even though domestic meth production is at an all-time low, imported meth from Mexico is on the rise.

STATEWIDE -- Dozens of arrests have been made all across the state in the first couple weeks of 2019 when it comes to methamphetaine. 

Indiana State Police Captain Dave Bursten says it's because your seeing more meth being brought here by drug dealers from Mexico. When it comes to meth being made here in Indiana, Bursten says the number of meth labs drug investigators have bust over the last two years has dropped significantly.

Over 1,500 meth labs were busted in 2015. That's compared to just 192 busts in all of 2018.

"That's related to recent laws that have been passed to pseudoephedrine and having to track it and showing identification to purchase it," Bursten said. 

Nonetheless he said this opens up the state more for imported meth to come from the south. 

"What your seeing now instead of domestic production your seeing more methamphetamine coming up from Mexico," said Bursten. "It has to get from Point-A to Point-B and those who transport it don't typically follow traffic laws."

Which is why Indiana State Police have the saying "looking passed the ticket." He said those who criticize police for focusing so much on traffic stops don't understand that a majority of the drugs they seize come from traffic stops in one way or another.

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