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IU Bloomington: Twenty Students Have the Mumps

Most of the infected students had received the MMR vaccine, say school health officials.

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- The mumps outbreak at Indiana University's Bloomington campus has grown to include twenty students.

Specifics on all but one of the confirmed mumps cases were available Monday afternoon, according to Dr. Beth Rupp, Medical Director of the IU Health Center.

"Out of the 19 [students], sixteen of them have recovered and are back at classes. Three of the cases are still in isolation right now," Rupp said.

The "vast majority" of the infected students were vaccinated, according to Rupp.

Rupp said she expects more mumps cases to be confirmed before the end of the academic year. 

This is the final week of classes at IU Bloomington. Final exams begin next week.

The spring semester at IU Bloomington ends Friday, May 3.

 (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty.)

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