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Jeff Miller Was In Violation of Protective Order

Miller was told to leave a neighborhood meeting where at least one of his young accusers was in attendance.

INDIANAPOLIS -- Embattled Indianapolis City-County Councilor Jeff Miller was informed he was in violation of a protective order against him Tuesday night when he tried to attend a meeting of the Fletcher Place Neighborhood Association.

Several officers present at the meeting noticed Miller was in attendance, as was at least one of his young accusers. Then an officer approached and detained Miller. He told him he would have to leave the meeting. That officer also told him that if he attended another meeting in the future where one of his accusers was present, he would be arrested. 

Miller faces three felony counts of child molesting over allegations he gave massages to and inappropriately touched several young children.

A Marion County judge last month issued five orders of protection preventing Miller from contacting or being in close proximity to his accusers. 

Miller’s next court appearance is a pretrial conference scheduled for March 16 in Hendricks County.  



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