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Kosciusko Co. Man Steals Dog Back From Animal Shelter

The dog was left at the shelter by the man's ex-wife, says News Now Warsaw.

KOSCIUSKO COUNTY, Ind. -- A northern Indiana man is accused of breaking into an animal shelter and stealing back his dog after his ex-wife gave the animal up for adoption.

The Animal Welfare League of Kosciusko Co. says the break-in and "dog-napping" happened Tuesday night.

AWL Executive Director Darla McCammon tells News Now Warsaw that a woman, now believed to be the man's ex-wife, turned in a dog shortly before closing time.

After the shelter closed for the night, the man pried open the back door of the building, slipped inside, and stole the dog.

News Now Warsaw says AWL intends to file charges against the man, whose identity has not been released.

(Photo by Jaap Arriens/Thinkstock.)

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