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Legislators Face Tightrope Walk on Marijuana Derivative

Lawmakers seek to clarify CBD oil law without flinging doors open to medical marijuana

(INDIANAPOLIS) - Legislators will be trying to thread a needle with a revision of this year's law allowing limited medical use of cannabis oil.

Legislators voted to permit the use of C-B-D oil to treat some types of epilepsy. But state police have been abiding by an advisory opinion from Attorney General Curtis Hill that the law neglected to legalize its sale, and confiscating CBD oil from store shelves. 

Hill says the cannabis oil on the market goes well beyond what the law envisions. He says cannabidiol-based drugs are in clinical trials awaiting F-D-A approval, and says the state would be wiser to wait for those drugs to be approved.

Portage Senator Karen Tallian says she warned legislators as the CBD oil debate began two years ago that state law's definitions were inconsistent. 

Tallian wants legislators to go farther. She's introduced bills for a decade to legalize medical marijuana. Hill says there'd be no way to enforce a distinction between medical and recreational use.

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