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Legislators Plan to Fix Cannabidiol Law

AG: Law allowing some people with epilepsy to possess CBD oil failed to legalize its sale

(INDIANAPOLIS) - Legislative leaders say they'll fix a newly-passed law on cannabis oil if they have to.

Legislators legalized possession of the marijuana derivative to treat juvenile epilepsy. But Attorney General Curtis Hill says they failed to legalize its sale -- and under the law, it has to be treated the same as marijuana. 

Even possession is still potentially illegal. The law creates a registry of people authorized to possess CBD oil, and says if prosecutors pursue charges, that authorization can be used as a defense in court.

Senate President Pro Tem David Long notes Hill's opinion is only advisory, but says legislators will clarify the law if necessary. Senators Jim Tomes (R-Wadesville) and Blake Doriot (R-Goshen) say they'll introduce a bill to do just that. 

You can't get high from CBD oil, but Hill says its chemical makeup means it's still classified as marijuana under both state and federal law.

Long and House Speaker Brian Bosma say they won't support an attempt to legalize marijuana itself.

(Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

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