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Legislators Reach Deal on Beefing Up Job Training

Creation of "career Cabinet" is preliminary step before broader funding debate next year

(INDIANAPOLIS) - There's a deal on Governor Holcomb's top legislative priority. Legislators will vote next week on expanding job training in Indiana.

The final package makes some job training grants available immediately, while laying the groundwork for a full discussion of increased spending next year. The package also expands career counseling in schools and requires schools to cooperate with apprenticeship programs. And it creates a "career Cabinet" to oversee it from the statehouse, with business leaders from a range of industries joining education leaders to advise the governor on which programs are working and deserve funding, and what will best position Hoosiers for the skills they'll need in an evolving workplace.

Senate President Pro Tem David Long says local councils of schools and businesses will decide how to implement the Cabinet's guidelines with specific programs. 

Long says it's the first time in years he's been confident the state has the formula to streamline the system. And House Speaker Brian Bosma says he's pleasantly surprised legislators found a way to kickstart some training programs before the broader discussion next year. He says the package uses federal money and already-budgeted state funds to expand job training grants for new high school graduates, and creates incentives for businesses to help Hoosiers of all ages to get their GED or new job certifications. 

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