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Man Hurt in Hit and Run Boat Wreck on Geist Reservoir

It doesn't happen often, but people do sometimes leave the scene of a boat accident.

GEIST, Ind.--A man was hurt in a hit and run boat wreck early Saturday on Geist Reservoir, said officers with the Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources. Conservation officers are still looking for the boat that caused the wreck.

Randy Mathis, 66, of Charlottesville, was fishing south of Geist Marina, about 2:30 Saturday morning, when he noticed a boat speeding up behind him. The boat kept coming and hit Mathis' boat, throwing Mathis to the bottom of his boat. He was bruised and went to the hospital to be checked out, said DNR Capt. Jet Quillen.

The boat that hit his, sped away. Mathis' boat took damage to the port side.

"We are attempting to locate the boat that left the scene. That's why we're asking for anyne who boats on Geist who heard something, seen something, to contact our central dispatch," said Quillen. He said it's not a common occurrence to have a hit and run on the water, though it has happened occasionally.

The nighttime speed on the water is 10 mph, which Quillen said the perp may have been exceeding because the boat was on plane, which Quillen said happens between 15 and 17 mph.

Quilen said Mathis had a light in operation so he could be seen, as did the boat that approached and hit his.

"He did see the lights of the other boat approaching him. But, unfortunately he did not have time to react and avoid that collision."

If you know anything or saw anything, the number for Central Dispatch is 812-837-9536.


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