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Man Shot After Long Standoff With SWAT Officers In West Lafayette

Dustin Borders was shot after refusing to come out of a house while holding a woman at knife point

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. -- A man stood off with SWAT officers in West Lafayette for several hours yesterday.

"We were here looking for a person that was wanted on a warrant through the Lafayette Police Department," said Sergeant Matt Gard.

It all started when Lafayette police officers went to the house of Dustin Borders to serve a warrant for his arrest. He is charged with resisting arrest with a vehicle. 

Border refused to leave and officers soon figured out that Morgan Edmondson was being held against her will inside the house. That's when the stand off began.

SWAT officers were called and negotiators made several phone calls to coax Borders out of the house with Edmondson unharmed. Negotiators weren't able to get him to come out.

The SWAT team engaged and forced there way into the home. Borders was holding a knife to Edmondson's throat so they shot Borders.

Both Edmondson and Borders were taken to the hospital. She'll be okay, but there is no word on Borders' condition.

(PHOTO: aijohn784/Thinkstock)

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