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Marion Co. Sheriff: Don't Call 911 For Fireworks

Calling about New Year's Eve revelers might make you feel better, but but it might also keep someone from getting help in a real emergency.

INDIANAPOLIS -- If you pick up the phone to call police on New Year's Eve, make sure what you're calling about is an emergency. 

The Marion County Sheriff's Department asks you not to call 911 on Sunday to report fireworks or loud New Year's Eve parties.

But, they do want you to dial 911 this weekend if you suspect someone is driving drunk, see someone fire a gun into the air, or need help during a major emergency like a heart attack or fire. 

For everything else, call the non-emergency line at 317-327-3811.

Not sure if you should call 911 or use the emergency line? Use these guidelines from MCSO:

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