Mayor Joe Hogsett Aims To Improve Public Safety As He Seeks Second Term


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Mayor Joe Hogsett Aims To Improve Public Safety As He Seeks Second Term

Hogsett will run for re-election in 2019 saying the Circle City has "limitless potential" under his leadership.

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Capitol City's Democrat Mayor is seeking another four-year run in that role.

Mayor Joe Hogsett made it official in an announcement at the Phoenix Theater in downtown Indianapolis Wednesday evening. Hogsett said he is confident that under his leadership the Circle City can keep move forward.

"I would be honored to be granted another four years, because I continue to be inspired by our city's limitless potential," Hogsett said to the crowd of supporters. "Together we will ensure that our inclusive growth strategies raise wages and improve opportunity for every resident of Indianapolis."

In Wednesday evening's announcement Hogsett touted many accomplishments under his last four years in office such as landing big investments from major tech companies like Salesforce and Infosys, as well as passing the city's first balanced budget in several decades.

Hogsett put a strong emphasis on improving public safety moving forward.

"We will continue to make strides that not only make our neighborhoods safer today, but which also invest in future generations," Hogsett continued. "(We will) break the multi-generational cycle of poverty at the root of so much of the violence that occurs in our streets."

Just before Hogsett announced his 2019 candidacy, Republican State Sen. Jim Merritt, who is considering a run against Hogsett, called the Mayor's decision to seek re-election a "seemingly reluctant" one.

"Nearly three years ago, and with great fanfare, Joe Hogsett became Mayor of Indianapolis," Merritt said. "Since then out city has seen our infrastructure crumble and our neighborhoods shaken by record-setting homicides"

Merritt added that Mayor Hogsett was described as "public safety Mayor" when he was first elected. Merritt said Hogsett "has been anything but."


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