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Medical Marijuana in Indiana After Jeff Sessions and With New Legislators

Hoosier advocate David Phipps says he believes it will happen within two years.

STATE HOUSE--U.S. Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions put in his resignation this week. He, as the country's top law enforcement officer, was an advocate against legal marijuana of any kind. Hoosier advocate David Phipps sees that resignation as a positive development for people who want legal cannabis.

"I think Jeff Sessions leaving is the best thing that could happen to the national movement," said Phipps. He said investors felt more comfortable putting money into medical pot businesses under Pres. Obama, because they were assured that the federal government would not prosecute.

"Jeff Sessions tried to end that and it took a heck of a fight to clear that up and make investors feel comfortable in their situation."

He said since Sessions is gone, the STATES Act may have a better chance of passing.

"It's a bi-partisan bill that would allow banking on the federal level, allow U.S. banks to work and mingle with these companies throughout the country," said Phipps.

The STATES Act was introduced to the U.S. House in June by both a Republican and a Democrat.

"I believe the STATES Act has a really good chance of gaining Pres. Trump's support. That's been a big concern of Gov. Holcomb, in Indiana, the banking issue, and the STATES Act will help that."

Though the Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council and Indiana Atty. Gen. Curtis Hill's opinions on legal marijuana, have not changed, Phipps doesn't see that as a threat any longer, following the election of new state represenatives and senators.

"That's an opinion that I don't see changing any time soon. And luckily our legislators are catching on to that," he said.

Phipps said he believes Indiana will pass legal medical cannabis as soon as 2019, and no later than 2020. He also said he sees growing support for recreation marijuana, especially after Michigan passed recreational marijuana for adults, Tuesday.

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