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Monroe Co. Taxpayers Planning to Protest School Corp's $1 Million Mistake

Some taxpayers plan to picket a Monday night meeting after the superintendent made an error on a debt worksheet that cost taxpayers thousands of dollars.

MONROE COUNTY, Ind. -- Some people plan on protesting the superintendent of a Monroe County school corporation Monday evening, after an error cost taxpayers hundreds of dollars.

Richland-Bean Blossom Community School Corporation Superintendent Dr. Mike Wilcox made an error while preparing a debt worksheet submitted to the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance, Call 6 Investigates reported earlier this month.

The error resulted in a tax increase for more than 10,000 taxpayers in nearby townships. Some people's property taxes increased by as much as $120.

“I was shocked and surprised,” Kathy Abell, a longtime taxpayer in Stinesville, told RTV6. “At a school board meeting last year, we were assured our taxes would remain neutral, they wouldn’t increase or decrease. So, when I received the bill I was unpleasantly surprised my taxes had gone up.”

Abell’s spring property tax bill increased by $120.

“It’s quite a bit for me and my family,” said Abell. “I don’t make a lot of money. I work part-time from home.”

Gosport homeowner Lisa Land’s property tax bill went up $72, although she said the amount was lower than others because they purchased a property with little value.

“I stay home with the kids and we’re a single income family,” Land told RTV6. “$72 doesn’t seem like much, but it really does add up.”

Some people affected by the tax increase are planning on picketing outside Monday night's school board meeting, as the district evaluates Wilcox. 

(Photo by Artem Smith/Thinkstock.)

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