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National Weather Service: You May Get a Spring in 2019

You may also see more snow than in 2018

STATE WIDE--Indiana may have a spring in 2019. The National Weather Service talked about their predictions for Indiana for this winter in a chat Monday night. You could see more snow and a slightly colder than normal winter.

"Maybe the best news for those who were looking for spring this past year, and it frankly never came, all of the years we looked at suggest that we will transition into a more typical spring season, if not in March, certainly by the tail end of that month and into April," said meteorologist Mike Ryan.

Ryan said the team looked at prediction models, and also at plenty of historical data to find out what the conditions expected this year will do to the weather from December through February.

The coldest month in Indiana is typically in January. This year you might expect some colder than normal temperatures through the entire season.

"I want to stress that doesn't mean the entire winter is going be cold," said Ryan. "We could still have periods where we're milder than normal, where we're even a little bit warmer than normal."

Ryan said it's an El Nino year, which could have some effect on our weather, but likely not a significant one. You could see 25 to 35 inches of snow. Just over 20 inches is considered normal.

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