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New Questions Surrounding 3-year-old's Death from Flu

The girl's family thinks their insurance may have prevented her from getting the best care.

MUNCIE, Ind. -- The family of a 3-year-old Muncie girl who died just days after being treated for the flu is questioning whether her insurance kept her from getting the proper treatment. 

Alivia Viellieux was just weeks away from her fourth birthday when her parents found her dead in her bedroom last week. 

"She was my best friend, she was my shadow," said Alivia's mother, Aabriey. "She was my three-year-old so I had her 24/7.

Family members say they took the toddler to the clinic with flu-like symptoms and she was immediately sent to the emergency room. From there she spent two days in the hospital but was released after doctors said she was "doing better." 

A couple days later, she died from complications of her illness. 

"I have so many questions," said Alivia's grandmother, Tameka Stettler. "Why didn't they give her testing? Why didn't they give her x-rays? Where is her blood work? Where is the labs? Why is it that now I call and they can't find records - where were those at?"

The family says their three-year-old was on Medicaid and they're now questioning whether the hospital might have kept her longer if she'd been covered by private insurance. 

"They treat anybody with the government assisted insurance different," said Stettler. 

A hospital spokesman says Federal and professional privacy rules restrict Ball Memorial Hospital from discussing any details related to individual patient care. 

Alivia's family says they are planning to hire an attorney to look into the matter further.

"I just wish I could tell her that I loved her one more time," said Alivia's father, Larry. "She was my little princess. My little girl." 





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