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No Preservatives at Micky D's? May Not Be Enough for Indiana

Why a doctor says you need the info to make better choices.

INDIANAPOLIS--Last week McDonald's said they are taking all the preservatives out of their food, except the pickles. You'll still get well pickled pickles. But, even though it won't make that much difference in how healthy a Big Mac is, Dr. Rosemary Bates, an internal medicine specialist, said most fast food restaurants publish info about their food so you can make your own choices.

"If you go into the websites of most restaurants, you're going to be able to get the breakdown of the fat, the sugar, the protein and so forth," said Bates.

She said the FDA decided that restaurants with over 20 locations must offer that information.

"While I do think that losing these so-called preservatives isn't the end all and be all of health, I do think that we have a lot of transparency, to where we can make healthier choices."

LINK: McDonald's website

Bates said she believes the requirement to disclose the health info has prompted some restaurants to offer a light menu, in addition to their regular food. 

She also said more younger people seem to care more about what they are eating.

"Generation Z, 83 million Americans born between 1995 and 2010, very much more interested in what they're consuming, much more ethnically diverse, more interested in what they are putting into their body," said Bates.

That may be the hope for states like Indiana, which is the 12th fattest state.

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