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NRA: The President, Bumpstocks, and the Story of the Everyday Guy

What you may hear the president say when he, VP Pence and Indiana's senators speak Friday.

INDIANAPOLIS--If you go to the NRA Annual Meetings, you can expect to see protesters. The NRA and the city set up a zone for their free speech. At least two groups have gotten permits to be there.

A bronze statue of Mayor Bill Hudnut sits across from the Indiana Convention Center. Behind and beside the mayor is the area for protesting the NRA. It's called Hudnut Commons.

The event at which Pres. Trump, VP Pence and the senators speak is expected to start at 11 a.m. They are expected to be the first speakers.

"There's always gonna be a hardcore group of a couple hundred people out there," said Cam Edwards, host of Cam and Company on NRA TV. "But, there's gonna be 75 or 80 thousand NRA members in town."

He said he doesn't believe the protesters will be very successful in having businesses turn away people with guns by putting up signs.

"They certainly don't stop the NRA members from having a good time."

Edwards says he believes many reporters tend to be anti-gun and that's one reason he says many stories are negative.

Edwards told WIBC's Tony Katz he tells the stories of the 4 million members of the NRA, stories he believes won't be told by what he refers to as mainstream media.

"They are, I think, pillars of their local communities. They are the jobs providers, community activists, the glue holding their communities together."

The president and vice president are expected to speak tomorrow, along with senators Todd Young and Mike Braun of Indiana, Ted Cruz of Texas, and Gov. Eric Holcomb. Trump may speak about the banning of bumpstocks, which is a sore point for some of the NRA members.

"I think anytime we get to outright bans of things that are already owned by Americans, whether we're talking about firearms or not, I have a difficult time understanding the enforceability of those actions," said Edwards. He described the ban as an overreach, for which the courts may provide relief.

That's not all you'll hear about, though. He said Trump and Pence will like likely talk about protecting the 2nd amendment.

"I'd love to hear if Pres. Trump has any thoughts about executive orders that would strengthen our right to keep and bear arms."

PHOTO: Chris Davis/Emmis

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