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Number Of Meth Lab Busts Drops Significantly in 2017

Sgt. Jerry Goodin attributes a 75% drop in meth labs in Indiana last year to stricter enforcement and public awareness

STATEWIDE -- The number of meth labs found throughout Indiana have dropped significantly according to Indiana State Police.

In 2017, ISP reported only seizing 375 meth labs, which may seem like a lot, but that is actually a 75-percent drop compared to 2016. Two years ago state police busted 943 lab and in 2015 1,452 labs

"We're encouraged by the number of meth labs seized in 2017," said Sgt. Jerry Goodin "That number continues to decrease. We look at that and see less fires happening and we see less children being exposed the harsh chemicals produced by these meth labs."

Only 49 kids were removed from homes where meth labs were seized in 2017, down from over 150 in 2016.

Goodin attributes the drop to the fact that ISP has stepped up it's enforcement efforts to keep meth off the streets, but also is giving props to you for making the effort to be informed about what a meth lab is so you can report it to state police.

However, he adds unfortunate reason for the decrease. He says more and more cheap methamphetamine is making its way into Indiana from South America. Since it is less desirable by drug addicts, many are switching to heroin.

(PHOTO: Fiona Goodall/Getty Images)

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