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Outdoor Gifts Handy in Indiana

These may work for your friends who are always hunting, on the water or hiking.

STATE WIDE--If you know someone who loves the outdoors and you haven't gotten them a gift yet you may want to think about something they can use while they're out in the woods, or on the water.

Brent Wheat, author on the website, and a guest on Indiana Outdoors with Bryan Poynter, said he has four ideas that could really work out for someone who hunts, fishes, ice fishes, hikes or kayaks.

Hiking poles

"If anybody does any hiking, it doesn't matter if you're just hitting a day trail at Turkey Run (state park) or whatever, man, hiking pole are the bomb," said Wheat. "Especially if you're doing long downhills, they totally save your knees and ankles and they save you from falls and they make you more efficient."

Wheat said you can spend $80 on a pair online, but they're essentially aluminum ski poles, and you can find them at big box stores for $30.

Kayak carts

If you know someone who kayaks, Wheat suggests a kayak cart to get it from the car to the water.

"Typically the places I go you can't back up to the ramp and dump 'em in from the back of the truck."

Finger mittens

He said another gift is a pair of mittens for adults called finger mittens.

"We're too old. We don't need mittens. But, if you don't have a set of these, it's basically a nice set of wooly mittens that you pull the top off of and your fingers pop out," said Wheat. "You can pop the top off and now you can handle your gun or deal with the buckles on your back pack." 

He said they're also handy for ice fishing, and you can get them almost anywhere.

Steel thermos

Wheat said another classic is a steel thermos, like your grand dad used to take with him to the tree stand.

"The best way to take beverages out, especially in the winter, whether you're on the deer stand, in the duck blind, ice fishing, whatever," said Wheat, "Mine looks like it's been through a war. It's been dropped and rolled around the bottom of boats and pretty much anything else you could imagine, and it works great."

Wheat said most of the gifts are fairly inexpensive and if you can't find them at the store, then they're easily bought at Amazon.

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