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Pence and Trump Ask Congress to Solve Illegal Immigration Problem

The president promised relief for separated families. Pence said Congress should work now for the law and compassion.

WASHINGTON, D.C.--Separating children from parents at the border may be coming to an end as a policy, with Pres. Trump's promise to sign an executive order ending the practice. As Trump made that promise, Vice-Pres. Mike Pence called on Congress to act to solve the entire immigration problem.

"I would say with great respect for members of Congress as the House considers legislation tomorrow, the Senate is considering legislation. We're calling on Congress to act," said Pence. "Let's roll our sleeves up. Let's work the whole problem. Let's end this crisis of illegal immigration."

The House was considering at least one bill that would end the practice of separating children and put families in the custody of the Dept. of Homeland Security.

The Senate is considering the Protect Kids and Parents Act, that mandates that illegal immigrant families be kept together, speeds up the hearing process for cases with children, doubles the number of federal immigration judges, and authorizes new family shelters so that children can remain with their parents while cases are being processed.

Indiana's junior senator, Todd Young (R), is a co-sponsor of that bill.

"As the president made clear, we don't want families to be separated. We don't want children to be taken away from parents," said Pence. 

He said that until Congress acts, under law, there are only two choices when parents are caught coming into the country illegally with their children.

"Number one is don't prosecute people who come into our country illegally. Or prosecute them and then under court cases and the law, they have to be separated from their children," said Pence.

But, he said, as did Young in a statement Wednesday, that compassion can be achieved at the same time as the law is enforced.

"Let's deal with law and order and compassion and this issue of separation at our border."

Trump blamed Democrats for the lack of a solution to immigration troubles, thus far. He also postponed the Congressional picnic so Congress can concentrate on solving the immigration problem.

PHOTO: Courtesy VP Mike Pence

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