Pence on Maduro: He Danced While Truck Loads of Aid Burned


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Pence on Maduro: He Danced While Truck Loads of Aid Burned

The VP and former Indiana governor spoke in Colombia about why the dictator of Venezuela must go.

BOGOTA, Columbia--Vice Pres. Mike Pence made no bones about supporting Interim Pres. Juan Guaido, as the legitimate president of Venezuela, over Nicolas Maduro, whom Pence called a usurper and a dictator. Pence spoke on behalf of Pres. Trump at a meeting of the Lima Group, in Colombia, Monday.

"Estamos con ustedes. We stand with you in America," said Pence, to the group of Latin American leaders, most of whom are with Pence and the U.S. in recognizing Maduro as a threat rather than a leader.

This weekend more than 300 protesters were killed, 300 hurt and loads of humanitarian aid from the U.S. and allied burned at the border.

"He literally danced while truck loads of aid with food and medicine burned," said Pence. "The struggle in Venezuela is between dictatorship and democracy, between oppression and freedom, between the suffering of millions of Venezuelans, and the opportunity for a new future of freedom and prosperity."

Pence said nine out of ten people in Venezuela are in poverty. He said the "usurpers" are only 30 of 30 million people and must not be allowed to lead the country.

He said 200 of the state's military had defected. Many more must stop supporting Maduro for him to be driven out.

"Nicolas Maduro must go," said Pence, admonishing other countries to recognize Guaido as president.

PHOTO: VP Mike Pence on Twitter

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