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Pence is Popular, At Least Compared to Pres. Trump in Indiana

The Ball State Hoosier Survey says your former governor has 10 points on the president in the Hoosier State.

MUNCIE, Ind.--Waving the red, white and blue and having the number two job in America is not a bad gig for former governor Mike Pence. Hoosiers still have a positive image of Pence, says the Old National Bank/Ball State University 2017 Hoosier Survey.

"A teeny tiny bit over 50 percent, so his approval is almost 10 points higher than Pres. Trump and almost 10 points higher from when he was governor," said Chad Kinsella, political science professor and survey analyst for the Ball State’s Bowen Center for Public Affairs.

The survey says Pence has a 50-percent approval rating and a 37-percent disapproval rating among the state’s residents, which is almost 10 percent points higher than President Trump’s 41-percent approval in the telephone poll of 600 adult Hoosiers.  

Kinsella said had Pence remained in the governor's race and tried to beat John Gregg, he may have been in some trouble.

"I think it would have been a lot closer of a match than what ended up happening. There are a lot of people I know that say the vice-presidency was a really good gig at the right time for him," said Kinsella.

He said Hoosiers may be more approving of Pence because he is from Indiana and is representing on a national level.

"Even if he does the president's message, people don't see the vice-president as being all that political. It's kind of someone who is more on the sidelines, waiting in the wings. He does a little bit of the messaging, but he doesn't get nearly the amount of attention or polarization that Trump gets right now."

Pence is also a name that is not being mentioned when people talk about the Russia investigation, said Kinsella.

"One of the people who really has never been talked about, is Pence being involved," he said. Pence was a low-key choice for running mate by Trump, who has continued to be loud in public and on social media.

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