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Pence to Venezuelan Ambassador: You Shouldn't Even Be Here

The former Indiana governor told the Maduro rep to high tail it home and tell his boss his time is up.

NEW YORK CITY--Indiana's former governor talked tough to the ambassador to the U.N. for Venezuela, at a meeting on the United Nations Security Council, Wednesday. His position aligns with the Trump administration. Nicolas Maduro cannot remain president of Venezuela.

"With all due respect, Mr. Ambassador, you shouldn't be here," said Pence. "You should return to Venezuela, and tell Nicolas Maduro that his time is up. It's time for him to go."

Pence said the U.S. is preparing a resolution to recognize Juan Guaido, as president. Tuesday the Organization of American States (OAS) made up of 34 nations, recognized Guaido. That was a major blow for Maduro. But, Russia, China, and key representatives on the U.N. Security Council support Maduro.

"Today we urge every member of the Security Council and all U.N. member states to support this resolution. Stand with the Venezuelan people," urged Pence. 

He said he believes the Security Council should revoke the credentials of people representing the Maduro government.

Following Pence's address, the Russian ambassador spoke, saying "external players are a direct threat to the peace and security of Venezuela itself".

"The Maduro regime has used violence & intimidation against anyone who opposes it. In the last 3 months, it has thrown at least 1,255 people into jail & killed at least 40 protestors. #VenezuelaLibre," Tweeted Pence.

PHOTO: Mike Pence on Twitter

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