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Pendleton Presses Pause On Preemptive Marijuana Ban

An ordinance before the town council would ban pot in Pendleton even if it's made legal statewide.


PENDLETON, Ind. -- A vote has been postponed on a controversial ordinance in Pendleton that would retroactively ban marijuana in the Madison County town. 

The town was poised to become the first town in the state to preemptively ban recreational pot within city limits in anticipation that it could be legalized statewide. The ordinance passed unanimously in its first reading a month ago, but last night the council voted to table the ordinance until next year.

Town councilor Chet Babb isn't against the ordinance but said he felt they were moving to fast.

"I'm not against this, but I have a really hard time taking away, I'm going to call them 'rights'," Babb said. "We have plenty of time."

The rights that Babb refers to is the right to legally buy and possess marijuana recreationally, which are rights that are not extended to Hoosiers under current state law. The ordinance before Pendleton town councilors would be the recreational use, manufacturing, distribution of pot within Pendleton city limits, even if it were legal statewide.

"This town council, I'm impressed with how they handled themselves," said Union City resident Katherine Kritsch, who attended the meeting, to WISH-TV. "I'm impressed they don't want to jump into a boat before knowing how many holes are in it."

Kritsch is concerned the ordinance would set a precedent for other municipalities across the state. 


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