PETA Pushes a Point About the Plight of Pigs With a Fake Grilled Dog


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PETA Pushes a Point About the Plight of Pigs With a Fake Grilled Dog

The PETA protest in Indy was revolting to many people who were out to get lunch downtown. PETA says they did their job, then.

WARNING: The picture used at the bottom of this story is graphic.

INDIANAPOLIS--The sight was so revolting to most people that many were stopping, taking pictures and saying yuk. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) had a realistic dog prop on a BBQ grill at a busy intersection in Indianapolis (Illinois and Washington), Tuesday, trying to prove a point about eating animals, particularly pigs.

"We're trying to point out that there's no rational reason why people call some animals our friends and some animals our food," said Katerina Davidovich, PETA spokesperson.

She said PETA encourages people to challenge what she called "speciesism", saying all animals feel pain and suffer and are also deserving of consideration and respect.

"These are livi8ng individuals."

She said pigs are intelligent and social and sensitive creatures, much like dogs. "They feel pain and fear, just like the dogs and cats we consider members of our families." Davidovich said the way pigs are routinely treated on farms would be illegal if done to dogs or cats, or other domesticated animals.

"Pigs have their tails, teeth and testicles cut off with no painkillers. Runts are smashed against the floor because they're not going to be profitable for the industry."

The shock factor goes to prove a point, she said. If pigs have the same intelligence and feelings as dogs or cats, then why would you eat them?

"And this is a really creative, shocking way to get the conversation started," said Davidovich, who wasw then asked if the image is too shocking, or goes too far.

"I would say that anyone who is horrified by the thought of grilling and eating a dog needs to ask themselves why they're okay with grilling and eating a cow."

Davidovich and her companions handed out literature on how to become a vegan and suggested you would find many vegan options just as tasty as real meat.

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