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Police: Circle City Sole Was an Outlet for Heroin

The Castleton Square Mall store was raided and police say they found heroin in a display case.

RTV6's Matt McClellan contributed to this story.

INDIANAPOLIS--Drugs were being sold at Circle City Sole at Castleton Square Mall in the capital city, say police. Danny Terry was arrested last week, accused along with 16 others from Indianapolis to Muncie, of running a drug ring.

How it worked

Police said Terry, 33, would sell heroin and have people pick it up at the store. In July and August, Terry collected cash from a police informant, who was told to pick the dugs up at the store, said court documents. The informant saw other people were ended up being a part of the group arrested last week, also at the store to buy drugs, said the papers.

Never saw a thing

"I never saw a thing. I was the complete naive neighbor," said Matt Hanlon, who runs the store right across from the now-boarded-up shoe store. "They were stacking up boxes and taking them out of the store piece by piece. I didn't even know it was a raid. I thought the store was moving. I didn't even pay that close of attention to it."

Hanlon said it soon became obvious the people removing the boxes were cops.

"Then I looked again-badges and guns."

What police found

Indiana State Police and Muncie Police Narcotics Unit searched the shoe store, with a warrant, and found 102 grams of heroin inside a display case. 

In a conversation captured through a recording device by police detectives, Anton Holland – owner of Circle City Sole – told Terry the store profited $200,000 last year, but he filed it as a “loss", reported RTV6.

Police said “dealers will attempt to simulate inventory, sales, and expenses, in order to pay a minimum amount of taxes but allow money to appear as proceeds from a legitimate business” in the probable cause.

"Simon prides itself on maintaining a family-friendly environment at our properties," said a spokesperson for Simon Properties, the company that owns the mall. "The allegations regarding this former tenant are shocking.  The store's lease has been terminated, and we are cooperating with law enforcement authorities on the investigation." 

Last week Terry was also accused of selling pot to former deputy Jerry Parks, who was also arrested.

PHOTO: State Police

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