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Police: Evansville Double Murder-Suicide Was Domestic, Husband Had It Planned

After a husband and wife and another man died yesterday in Evansville, police say they were looking for the man, but hadn't found him yet.

EVANSVILLE, Ind.--Police were already looking for Daniel Sears, when he shot and killed his wife and another man yesterday morning about 11 a.m, in Evansville. Sgt. Jason Cullum said at a news conference today Sears had violated a restraining order sworn out against him by Maygen Sears, 32.

Double murder/suicide

Cullum said three reports of Sears having contact with his wife had been taken by police.

"During those three reports we were not able to take Mr. Sears into custody," said Cullum. "On the morning of the 11th officers had been given information about Mr. Sears behavior the night before and had been told to be on the lookout for him and if he was located he was to be taken into custody."

Cullum said the two Sears and third victim, Richard Popp, 41, of Worthville, Ky., all knew each other.

"We know that Maygen and Daniel were married. She had filed for the paperwork against him. They were in the process of a divorce. At this point Mr. Popp just appears to be somebody who was associated with them and when this situation unfolded yesterday, he ended up in the middle of it."

Popp was found dead in his car near Morgan Ave. and Hwy. 41. Sears killed himself near the 4-H Center. Mrs. Sears was found dead in her home.

"We believe that Mr. Sears for some specific reason targeted the two individuals that he killed and shot and killed himself when he got to the 4-H Center. So, at this point we're not looking for any additional suspects."

Cullum said Sears had likely planned the killing and had planned on killing himself afterward.

"It appears this is something...he had talked about and had directly told her he was going to do something, or implied it."

Cullum said he did not have any information what specifically roused Sears' anger.

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