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Police Need Info in Najah Ferrell's Death

Police are not calling it a murder yet. They do not yet know how Ferrell died and don't have a DNA-confirmed ID.

AVON, Ind.--Foul play was likely involved in Najah Ferrell's death. But, police do not know yet how she died. So, they're not calling it a murder, said Avon Deputy Chief of Police Brian Nugent. He said in a Wednesday news conference that he believes someone knows something, and investigators need good information.

"We are still pleading to the public, to anybody who has information, to understand the value of any piece of information they may have," said Nugent. "We're convinced, now especially amidst the investigation involving foul play, somebody knows something about this case."

A foot believed to be Ferrell's was reeled in by two fisherman at a pond near I-65 in Crown Point, Monday evening.

"Yesterday morning we did make contact with two members from Najah's family, who were able to confirm that the tattoo whose photograph appeared was that of Najah Ferrell," said Nugent. He said the ID is preliminary, and that they won't confirm her identity until DNA evidence comes back.

"We anticipate the State Police crime lab to get results to confirm that in the coming weeks."

Ferrell had been missing since March 15. Her car was found on Michigan Rd. and 86th St. in Indianapolis March 26. Some personal items were found near I-465 in the same area.

Nugent said the Lake County coroner and a forensic pathologist are working to confirm the manner and cause of death. Until that happens, the police will not classify her death as a homicide, he said.

Nugent said Crown Point Police are still searching the area around the pond and they plan to use sonar in the pond itself.

"In the coming days they are going to continue to send search teams to the area in which this human remains was found," said Nugent. "My understanding is they have plans to deploy cadaver dogs to try to help expand the search beyond that of the pond itself."

Nugent said though they are not confirming Ferrell's ID, that her family was not at the news conference because they got the worst news possible.

PHOTO: Provided by family

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