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Proposed Avon Senior Living Facility Tabled After Tie Vote

The facility would be build on 33-acres of farmland, which has nearby residents concerned about increased traffic and privacy.

AVON, Ind. -- A controversial proposal for a senior living facility was tabled Thursday night by Avon Town Council after a 2-2 tie vote.  

About 40 people showed up to the meeting. 

The proposed Countryside Crossing would be built on a 33-acre section of farmland located along the southeast corner of Dan Jones Road and East County Road 100. 

The bulk of the plan calls for a 100 to 120-unit independent senior living apartment building, 60-80-unit two-story assisted living facility and 650 self-storage units adjacent to the property. 

People living near the proposed development said they fear the plan would increase traffic congestion and create privacy concerns. They also took issue with the storage units, saying they would bring crime to the area. 

When it came time for a vote, it was a 2-2 tie with one council member missing. 

The fifth and final vote went to the clerk treasurer who said she felt it wasn't her place to make the final decision, deferring until the missing council member came back. 

"I thought there would be a final vote this evening so I think having it continued and being fair is amicable," said Rose Wilson who lives near the wear the facility would be built. 

"The fact that they were tied tonight was a positive step; it gives us a chance to at least fight for another day," said Janie Farrington. 

"It made me feel like they have finally heard our concerns and it felt like we were not just dismissed," said Norita Stedman. 

News 8 spoke to lawyers for the developer after the decision, and they said they are "optimistic" that the plan will eventually be voted through. 

This proposal will be brought back for a vote at the town council's next meeting June 27.


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