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Prosecutors Impanel Grand Jury In Fatal Marshall County School Bus Crash

The grand jury will decide whether or not anyone should be indicted in the investigation of the bus crash that killed 13-year-old Owen Abbot

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ind. -- Prosecutors in Marshall County are impaneling a grand jury as the investigation continues into the fatal school bus crash from early December along U.S. 31.

13-year-old Owen Abbot was killed when the Eastern Pulaski School bus he was riding in the back of was rear-ended by a flatbed truck as the bus was starting to press on after stopping at a railroad crossing.

Marshall County prosecutor Nelson Chipman said at a press conference Thursday he normally does not inform the public when he impanels a grand jury in any case.

"Today is an exception," Chipman said. "That exception is driven by the understandably intense public interest in the tragic loss of life in the school bus crash on US 31 on December 5 of 2018."

A crash report released last night indicates that the driver of the flatbed truck was pulling a sweatshirt over his head while he was driving along the state highway. The report said once he got the sweatshirt on he saw he was coming up on the back of the bus but could not stop in time to avoid a collision. 

"The fruits of the investigation shall be reviewed in-depth by a Marshall County grand jury," Chipman continued. "It's scheduled to convene on Monday, February 4th."

Chipman said once the review of the investigation is complete, the grand jury will decide whether or not to indict the driver of the flatbed truck, or an other people they deem responsible for the crash happening.

(PHOTO: Courtesy of Indiana State Police)

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