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Prosecutors: No Charges in Case of Baby Hurt at Indy Daycare

Jesse Harris IV had cuts, bruises, and a swollen face after spending April 30 at Kiddie Garden Daycare.

INDIANAPOLIS -- No charges will be filed in the case of a 1-year-old who was severely injured while attending a day care on Indianapolis’ northeast side. 

A spokesperson with the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office said no charges will be filed in the case of Jesse Harris IV. Harris’ mother said she got a call from Kiddie Garden Daycare on April 30, which said her son had been injured by another child.

Jesse had severe cuts, bruises, and a swollen face. 

Harris’ mother, Tiffany Griffin, said the day care claims Jesse was sleeping in a separate room with another child and when they went in to see him, they noticed the injuries. They believe the other child, a 2-year-old, must have hurt him.

Prosecutor Terry Curry released the following statement: 

“Based on the investigation including medical review, statements from all parties, and cell phone records, the evidence does not support a criminal charge based on Indiana code. A medical expert confirmed that the child’s injuries were consistent with having been inflicted by another young child. The child was reportedly placed in a safe sleeping environment in the same room as an age appropriate child and checked on by the employee periodically. The daycare employee who was responsible for the child’s care has cooperated in the investigation.

Further, we understand this matter is under investigation by the Department of Child Services and will continue to work with that agency as requested."

“When I saw my son’s face – I was like – If a 2-year-old did it, how could she have that much time to do that?” Griffin said last week. “I would have heard my son screaming from outside.”

She was convinced that a child couldn’t have injured her son like that. 

Days after the injury, the FSSA ordered the day care to cease operations immediately.

(Photo by RTV6/Tiffany Griffin.) 

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