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Prosecutors Vow to Fight Loosening of CBD Oil Law

Marijuana derivative can't get you high, but prosecutors fear it can be repurposed into something that will

(INDIANAPOLIS) - Indiana prosecutors say they’ll fight any attempt to let you legally buy marijuana, medically or otherwise.

The Association of Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys conducted a half-day workshop to warn against the dangers of any step toward marijuana legalization. Ripley County Prosecutor and association president Ric Hertel blames increased crime and traffic accidents in Colorado and Washington on those states' legalization of marijuana, and vows prosecutors will fight any attempt by Indiana to follow suit.

Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council executive director David Powell says the prosecutors' opposition includes any loosening of the state's new law creating limited legal leeway for CBD oil, a marijuana derivative which helps to treat children with certain types of epilepsy. The law doesn't legalize possession outright, but discourages prosecution by allowing families to use that diagnosis as a defense.

But the law didn't legalize the sale of CBD oil, and Governor Holcomb has said state police will resume confiscating it from stores. Powell says the existing law strikes the right balance -- he says legalizing sales as well "terrifies" prosecutors, because he says it would open the door to legal marijuana trade.

While the tiny amount of marijuana's active ingredient in CBD oil isn't close to being enough to get you high, Powell contends it can be cooked to create a substance that will. And he says since the FDA doesn't regulate CBD oil, there are no controls on what can be marketed with that label.

Legislative leaders have said they plan to revisit the law to make it easier for the parents of epileptic children to purchase the oil without fearing prosecution.

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