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Purdue Celebrates 150th Birthday With New "Boiler Black" Beer

"Boiler Black" follows "Boiler Gold" as the second Purdue licensed beer from People's Brewing Company

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. -- Purdue University is ringing in its 150th Anniversary with beer, quite literally.

Last year, Purdue University partnered with People's Brewing Company in Lafayette to release the school's first licensed beer called "Boiler Gold." It was an overwhelming success, said Professor Brian Farkas, who heads up Purdue University's School of Food Sciences.

"Boiler Gold is a light American ale, easy drinking so to speak," Farkas said. "It's been a terrific success."

So after the release of Boiler Gold, Purdue announced it would be working with People's in offering a minor in fermentation sciences for students to pursue. Students would have the chance to learn how to brew beer in a fully functioning brewery right on the West Lafayette campus.

"This is just starting. Our new fermentation sciences program came online three weeks ago," Farkas continued. "It is as new as can be and this is the time to get into it. We're expecting it to be popular. Students are already signing up."

The program is wasting no time in pumping out more beer for you to try. Just in time for the commemoration of Purdue's 150th birthday during homecoming this weekend, the People's is releasing another beer called "Boiler Black", its second Purdue licensed beer.

"Boiler Black is really a porter or a dark ale," Farkas said of the new beer. "I think we've hit the mark."

Farkas said since Purdue has had such a big impact on Indiana's agriculture industry over its 150 years in existence; it was only a matter of time before Purdue pursued a program in fermentation sciences.

"Where does that beer come from? Agriculture, it's 100-percent at the center of agriculture," Farkas explained. "Our hops lab was established to help hop farmers in Indiana. So we are integral to the state's agricultural industry."

Boiler Black even comes in a special edition 150th anniversary can. It will even be available for sale at concession stands for Purdue's homecoming football game against Boston College. 

You may want to get your can of Boiler Black before you find your seat if you plan on going to the game. Last season, when Boiler Gold made its debut at a football game, most concession stands were sold out of it by the end of the first quarter.

(PHOTO: Courtesy of Purdue University)

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