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Races for Congress: Carson Wins Primary, Pence Wins His

Vice-Pres. Mike Pence's brother gives short victory speech, Carson says he sees phobias in Democrat Party

STATE WIDE--Mike Braun's brother did not prevail in his race for Congress. He was beaten by state Rep. Jim Baird, in a race that was called about 10:30 Tuesday night. Both Braun and Baird ran as strong conservatives. So did Greg Pence, bother of Mike, the vice-president, who won his primary.

Pence is running to fill the seat of Rep. Luke Messer, who gave up the seat to run for Senate.

"Tonight is the start of the next phase of our fight to help Pres. Trump," said Pence, who rarely gives interviews. He spoke at a victory celebration in Columbus. "Thanks to all of you for the honor and the privilege to be the Republican nominee. I'm ready to serve again."

If Pence wins in the general election, he'll take the place of Messer, but also of his brother, who held the seat before Messer.

In Indianapolis, Rep. Andre Carson easily won his primary, which je said he never takes for granted. Carson said he's worried about some phobias within the Democrat party, though.

"I'm disappointed every time races become split along racial lines, and even religious lines. I think there's an undertone of religious elitism," said Carson. "I see sometimes homophobia pop up, Islamaphobia and xenophobia pop up. Even within the Democratic Party and I think it just speaks to our tribal nature as human beings and I think we've got to work on that."

Voters ousted two Republican state legislators by 2-to-1 margins. Homebuilder and golf course owner Linda Rogers knocked off nine-term Granger Senator Joe Zakas, with the help of an endorsement from the Indiana Chamber. And surgeon Bradford Barrett unseated Richmond Rep. Dick Hamm.

Gaylor Electric CEO Chuck Goodrich easily won a four-way Republican primary to replace longtime Noblesville Rep. Kathy Richardson, who's retiring to run for Hamilton County Clerk. Sen. Mike Delph (R-Carmel), Sen. Jim Merritt (R-Indianapolis), Rep. Jerry Torr (R-Carmel), Rep.Robin Shackleford (D-Indianapolis) and Rep. John Young (R-Franklin) all cruised past primary challengers. 

Next door in Ohio, a candidate with Indiana ties was victorious as well. Former Colts wide receiver Anthony Gonzalez won a Republican primary for an open congressional seat and is favored to win in November.

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